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DINO Speedy Cross BF1

DINO Speedy Cross BF1

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DINO Speedy Cross BF1 

With this kart you are always way ahead. The Dino Cars Speedy BF1 Cross will get you to your friends quickly. The smallest DINO CARS model is extremely stable and at the same time runs extremely easily thanks to pneumatic tires with integrated tubes and narrow spoke rims. The wheels have ball bearings.

The highlight of this go-kart is the built-in brake freewheel with coaster brake

The BF1 prevents the pedals from turning while driving forward. The riders can therefore take breaks from pedalling while moving forward. This minimizes the risk of injury. To drive backwards, you intuitively brake the go-kart with the pedals until it comes to a standstill. The pedals are then pressed backwards. The reverse gear is activated automatically. This is pure driving fun and safety.

A go-kart for children aged 3 to 12 - the Speedy BF1 grows with you.

This go-kart always grows with you, because the DINO CARS Speedy Cross BF1 go-kart in black/red offers 5-way seat adjustment. Simply lift the seat and put it in the desired position. No tools are needed for this. The Speedy is powder-coated and therefore compensates for minor impacts without causing damage.

The DINO CARS Speedy BF1 Cross is highly recommended
Many kids are enthusiastic and the parents really appreciate the quality and safety. A front lifting device with a loading shovel can even be installed as an accessory. An additional seat for the sibling and a trailer for large transports are also available.

Not to be forgotten is the DINO CARS spare parts shop, where spare parts are often still available after 10 years.
The special features of this DINO CARS go-kart are:
Brake freewheel with back-pedal brake

With the BRAKE FREEWHEEL you can drive forwards and backwards without switching. The integrated coaster brake lets you stop particularly safely and comfortably.

5-way seat adjustment

Easily adjust the sitting position by lifting the seat and inserting it into the sitting position that suits you.
There are 5 different seating positions.
Smooth running tires with integrated tube
The smooth-running tire has low rolling resistance and is particularly suitable for kids aged around 3 years and up because the rolling resistance is lower than with off-road tires. In addition, the tire is equipped with a tube as standard to avoid "flat tires" when driving off-road.

Trailer hitch

This go-kart is equipped with a trailer hitch for DINO CARS TRAILER so that you can transport your toys easily and safely.

Additional seat

Take your friends and siblings with you in the optional additional seat.

Metal front spoiler

An extremely robust spoiler. This is the cool look for increased wind efficiency.
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