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Go Kart Daddy Ltd

DINO go-karts are developed and produced in Germany offering excellent quality, safety and fun.

Leisure and commercial go-karts for professional event organisers, rental companies, campsites and recreation parks.

Spares and repair parts are available for all DINO go-karts.

Call free 0800 772 0158 | Free delivery on all UK mainland orders.

Dino Kids


Limited time free safety flag included with every Dino Kids go kart.

The robust DINO Cars of the Kids Line are extremely stable. Our go-karts grow with the easy seat adjustment for all kids 3 up to 12 years. In addition, the karts are running extremely easy thanks to pneumatic tyres.

Dino Classics

Limited time free safety flag included with every Dino Classic go kart 

The all new look Classics for beginners and advanced users from ages 5 to adults. These go-karts are equipped with everything the little kart drivers need to get started. Plus four theme colours to choose from... Blue, Green, Red or Grey. Selectable on each individual kart

The SPORT model series is the basic variant without a front spoiler. SUPER SPORT Go Karts are equipped with a front spoiler and easy running tyres. CAMARO pedal karts are equipped with off-road tyres and a front spoiler. 

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Dino Editions

Limited time free safety flag included with every Dino Editions go kart 

The coolest DINO models Trophy, Graffiti, X-Trail, Hot Rod for ages 5 to adults

Thanks to the highest level of driving comfort and thanks to highly developed technology, you can always rely on your DINO CAR to take you to your destination 

Dino Tracks

Limited time free safety flag included with every Dino Tracks go kart 

You are the farmer, this is a real tractor feeling! Ages 5 to adults
These models are in no way inferior to their big role models in efficiency and reliability.

With many attachments to add on, loading shovel, winch, snow shovel and pallet fork you are well prepared for every application. 

Dino Pro-Line

DINO Pro Line 5 to adults

DINO CARS offers a variety of pedal karts, which are especially suitable for professional use, for event organisers, bike rental companies, campsites, agriculturists and recreation parks.

These karts are often rented to young and old on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. An investment that is always worthwhile. Children and adults love to cruise on a DINO CAR.

Dino Accessories

Our wide range of accessories guarantees you years of fun.

Dino Spares

We can supply the most popular requested spare parts for DINO karts, and are happy to assist you in the search for any other parts needed.