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DINO Mini-Dumper Trailer

DINO Mini-Dumper Trailer

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Are you the proud owner of a DINO CARS Speedy or Junior pedal kart? The DINO CARS minidump is the right trailer for these go-karts. Whether it's a load of sand or your school bag. You can transport up to 60 kg in the DINO CARS Minidump. Your parents will be happy if they don't have to carry your toys.

Highlights of the DINO CARS minidump

The DINO CARS Minidump is pre-assembled to a large extent and can be easily assembled. The wheels have pneumatic tyres and are equipped with ball bearings. Even the smallest kids from the age of 3 can easily pull the minidump. The charging trough is very thick-walled and made of extremely robust plastic. The supporting frame is a stable steel construction.
The minidump can easily be plugged into the trailer hitch of all Junior or Speedy models.
size 60 x 18 x 40 cm


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